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A table view of our current class schedule is displayed below. We encourage you to reach out with any questions about our class schedule, and if you do not see a time that works for you, don't hesitate to inquire about our private and closed sessions. You are also able to download and/or print this schedule using the commands in the upper right corner of the document.

*NEW CLASS ALERT Tot Hop and Tumble Tuesday 4:00 ages 4 &5*

*New Class Time Tap III/IV Thursday 8:00-8:45*

Ages 2.5-3

 Preschool Movement Monday 4:15

Ballet and Tap Thursday 1:00 (must be three by start of class)

Ballet and Tap Saturday 9:30

Ages 4-5 (Pre-K, Kindergarten)

Ballet and Tap Combo Monday 4:00 (Elizabeth or Lori)

Tot Hop and Tumble Tuesday 4:00

Ballet and Tap Combo Thursday 1:00

Ballet and Tap ComboThursday 4:15

Ballet and Tap Combo Saturday 9:30 

Ages 6-8 (K-2nd grade)

Hip Hop 1 Tuesday 4:15,  Wednesday 4:15

Acro 1 Tuesday 5:00, Friday 4:15

Beg. Musical Theater Tuesday 5:45

Ballet, Tap and Jazz  Tues. 4:15,

Ballet and Jazz Wed. 4:00 and Thurs. 4:00

Tap 1 Wed. 5:00-5:45

Ages 9-11 (3-5 grade)

Jazz II Monday 6:00

Ballet II Monday 5:00

Hip Hop II Tuesday. 5:00

Hip Hop  II Wed 4:15 

Acro II Wed. 5:00, Friday 5:00

Contemporary II Thursday 4:15

Musical Theater Tues. 5:45

Modern II Friday 4:30

Tap II Mon. 7:00

Ages 12-14

Jazz III Monday 5:00

Ballet III Monday 6:00

Tap III/IV Mon. 7:45

*Pre-Pointe Monday 7:00

*Pointe I Monday 7:30

Contemporary III Tues. 5:45

Acro III Wed. 5:45

Hip Hop III Wed. 6:30

Contemporary III/IV Wed.7:45

Adv. Musical Theater 7:30

Int. Modern III Thursday 6:30

Ages 14-16

Acro V/IV Monday 6:00

Contemporary V/IV Mon. 7:00

Tap III & IV Mon. 7:45

Ballet IV/V Tues. 5:30

Adv. Modern IV/V Tues. 7:30

Hip Hop IV Wed.7:15

Contemporary IV Wed. 6:45

Jazz IV Wed. 6:45

Ballet IV Wed. 5:15

*Pointe II 8:00

Adv.Musical Theater Thurs.7:30

Ages 16 & Up

*Acro IV/V Mon. 6:00

*Contemporary IV/V Mon. 7:00

Adv. Modern Tuesday 7:30

Ballet V/IV Tuesday 5:30

*Jazz V Wed. 5:45

*Ballet V Wed. 6:45

*Pointe II Wed. 8:00

Adv. Musical Theater Thurs7:30

Tap III/IV Mon. 7:45


We do birthday parties! 

Studio Rentals

Competition Team

Private lesson

Contact us for details!

Note: Registration will not be complete without registration fee and 1st month's tuition.



Costume Week (Wear your Halloween costume or any costume to class!)  10/24-10/30.

10/31-Halloween *closed* 


Winter Break (continued) 1/1 

MLK Day 1/15 *closed*


No Classes 11/11

Thanksgiving Break *Closed* 11/22-11/26


Spring Break *Closed" 3/31-4/6


In-House Holiday Performances 12/13-12/19

Winter Break *closed* 12/20-1/1


Memorial Day *closed* 5/29

Dress Rehearsal June 7th

Recital June 8th

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